Psalm 20 – Where’s Your Trust? (Weekly Word)

“Daddy, what is faith?”

I forget exactly what we were talking about when Junia asked me this question.  Sometimes when I ask her to do something that appears risky, she hesitates, to which I say “Junia, have faith in me!”  She has never been comfortable in the water, so we are working on that this summer with lessons, a pool membership and frequent visits to the pool.  As she stands on the edge, working up the courage to jump in, I ask her to have faith.

Is faith like belief?”

“Its kind of like belief, but its more than belief.  Faith is like trust, how you trust that I’ll take care of you and not let you drown at the pool.”

“Oh, okay. I knew that.”

This idea of faith and trust comes to mind when I read Psalm 20.

Read Psalm 20!

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
    but we trust in the name of the Lord our God (Psalm 20:7)

What do you trust in?  Every day I go on Twitter, it is easy to get sucked into trusting in lots of things that we shouldn’t trust in.  We worry that the world is going to end due to who sits on the Supreme Court.  Or maybe, with Independence Day just around the corner, we trust in the military of our country for our safety (after all, we always talk of how they sacrificed their lives for our freedom).  Its not that it doesn’t matter who is running the government, and of course, any sacrifice is admirable.  But if our faith is in the God of the Universe who made the ultimate sacrifice by becoming human and dying for us…then this must reorient everything. 

If we worry too much about the government, maybe our trust is misplaced…

If we take too much pride in the country we happen to live in, maybe our trust is misplaced…

Do you trust in horses and chariots, guns and fighter planes, presidents and senators?  Or do you trust in the Lord our God?

Honestly, I am not too good at this.  I struggle with remembering that God sits on the throne of the universe.  But then I read Psalm 20 and think of Jesus…and I pray my trust is renewed.

I pray your trust will be renewed too…

**I recently began sending the students in CSF a brief reflection on a Psalm each Friday.  My hope is that it will provide them with some motivation to read scripture.  I have enjoyed meditating on the Psalms, and I look forward to taking the next few years to get through them all!  I decided it might be worthwhile to post the weekly devos here, so if you happen to read this, I pray it is helpful.  Enjoy.

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