#49 – Eat this Book by Eugene Peterson (My 100 Favorite Books)


Eugene Peterson is one of my favorite writers, from his translation of the New Testament, The Message, to his book on Revelation, Reversed Thunder.  But my favorite books of his are his series on spiritual theology that began with Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places.  Each book in that series is beautiful, but it was the second book, Eat This Book, that was my favorite.

Peterson writes about spiritual reading, reading slowly and taking the word of God into us.  As someone who reads fast, probably to a fault, and who often reads more for information than formation, this is a helpful challenge.  The fun thing about Peterson is that his books also demand slow reading.  He is not necessarily someone who I recall as quotable, dropping the occasional brilliant one-liner that would fit on Twitter.  But his books are filled with depth, along with being enjoyable to read.  In this he is someone, along with Marilynne Robinson, Philip Yancey and others, whose books I desire to return to over and over just for the joy of reading.

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