Stay Centered (Psalm 24, Weekly Word)

I pray everyone’s first week back on campus went well! This past January I started doing weekly devotions on Fridays, a Psalm each week.  I’ve missed some weeks, and now we are at Psalm 24.  The hope is that these weekly thoughts are encouraging, uplifting and challenging.

Read Psalm 24

Perhaps you already feel busy.  Class assignments.  Work schedules.  Clubs and extra curricular activities.  Friends.  A lot goes on and it won’t get easier till the holidays…or maybe summer…or graduation…or when you die.

What do you do when life begins to feel overwhelming?

A question that goes along with this is, who do you worship?  Some people may say they don’t worship everything, but if we think of worship as the thing we center or life upon, then in reality we all worship something.  Every person has some thing on which they orient their life.  Think of a compass.  The compass doesn’t tell you where to go, it simply tells you where north is so you can figure everything else out.  Everyone’s life compass points somewhere.

What thing, principle, idea or person do you orient your life around?

This Psalm, like the rest of scripture, is clear that the one thing that will not fail is the Creator and Savior of all things, the Lord God.

Anything else is an idol (v. 4).  Even good things, when made into ultimate things, are idols.  School work, jobs and all else are good and important.  Just don’t base your life on them.

Take time to pray and journal and rest to stay centered on the God revealed in Jesus.

Have a good weekend.


**I recently began sending the students in CSF a brief reflection on a Psalm each Friday.  My hope is that it will provide them with some motivation to read scripture.  I have enjoyed meditating on the Psalms, and I look forward to taking the next few years to get through them all!  I decided it might be worthwhile to post the weekly devos here, so if you happen to read this, I pray it is helpful.  Enjoy.

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