#26 – The Stand by Stephen King (My 100 Favorite Books)


Don’t start reading this book if you have a cold.  You’ll think you’re going to die.

Stephen King is a master storyteller and this book may be his best (Full Disclosure: I’ve not read IT and I probably never will.  Though I like King, I don’t much like horror!).  This book about a superflu that kills 99% of the population is an 800 page page-turner.  I got into King mostly through his Dark Tower series.  Yet this seven book series contains connections to many of his other words: Insomnia, The Talisman, Black House, Salem’s Lot.  The primary antagonist in the Dark Tower, Flagg, is an enigmatic figure who shows up in The Eyes of the Dragon and The Stand.

Thus, you can read just The Dark Tower or just The Stand and enjoy them.  But reading both enriches the experience.  Further, for anyone at all philosophically or theologically inclined, the ending of The Stand is both brilliant and weird.  Unexpectedly, God shows up!  As a person of faith, I found the different characters views on God and God’s mysterious role in the story to be quite intriguing.  That aside, its a highly entertaining book.

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