Surprised by God : How and Why What We Think about the Divine Matters by Chris Green (Review)

Who Should Read this Book – Any Christian desiring to deepen their understanding about God.

What is the Big Takeaway – There are a lot of poor beliefs and understandings of God prevalent among Christians but if we look within scripture, and church tradition, we find richer (and just better) ways to imagine and understand the Divine.

And a Quote: “But sovereignty is utterly other than what we have known as control. Control makes something act in ways false to itself. It violates, overpowers, coerces, masters. Control takes away freedom, forcing someone or something to do what is against its own nature or will. And God, as creator, simply does not. And indeed cannot – do that kind of violence. God gives being to creatures affording them their freedom, their integrity. To say that God is sovereign is to say God does not need control to get his will done. He does not have to destroy our freedom to express his own; he does not have to subjugate us to make himself known as Lord” (41).

Theologian Chris Green has done us all a service with this little book. It is a concise and readable account of basic Christian understandings of God. This is the sort of book that a small group could read and study together or an interested lay Christian could read and understand. It is going on my list of the best books on basic Christian theology when people ask me for recommendations.

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