2021 Top Ten Reads: $5 – Sergius Bulgakov

We go from fantasy novels to Russian orthodox theology. What can I say, I have a wide variety of tastes and interests.

As I think on reading Bulgakov’s BIG trilogy this year – The Lamb of God, The Comforter, The Bride of the Lamb – I am reminded that I read too fast. I love to read, I read a lot and there are a lot of books. Sometimes I sacrifice reading deeply for reading widely.

When I started reading Bulgakov, it was 10-15 pages in the morning. As I got into it, and I think this is true for each book, I could not put it down (kind of like a gripping fantasy series). These books are absolutely brilliant works of theology.

What I appreciate most is that Bulgakov paints a picture of God, the cosmos and humanity that is both intellectually enlightening and spiritually enriching. The way he describes God and creation, humanity and salvation and (especially) where this creation is going is simply beautiful.

I may read fast, but I also underline and take notes. A LOT. I have already returned to these books a couple of times to look things up and my own notes make me chuckle. Its one of those books where simply underlining is not enough. I underline the good stuff. I may make a asterisk or an arrow if something is mildly interesting. But then I underline AND make an asterisk at something great. There are a few pages with underlines, arrows, asterisks, circles and notes like “wow”. Those are the pages that blew my mind.

If you want a theological and philosophical feast, read Bulgakov.

The Lamb of God.

The Comforter

The Bride of the Lamb

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