What is My Purpose – CSF Weekly Word

What is my purpose in life? What does God want me to do? Over the summer I asked students, via Facebook, to suggest some topics for study this fall.  One student asked those questions, and they seemed like the perfect lead-in to the entire semester.  So last night at CSF we tackled those questions. MyContinue reading “What is My Purpose – CSF Weekly Word”

CSF Spring Break in Washington DC

I spent all of last week in Washington DC with 12 Penn State Berks students.  We worked with the Center for Student Missions (csm.org).  Throughout the week I missed my wife and daughter immensely.  As I missed my daughter I kept thinking one thing: I hope when she grows up she becomes a young womanContinue reading “CSF Spring Break in Washington DC”

Reflections on a Crazy, Wonderful Weekend

I still remember my first ever fall retreat with Christian Student Fellowship as a student.  It was way back in the fall of 2000.  We went to Sylvan Hills Christian Camp, about 20 minutes from State College, PA.  The guest speaker talked a lot about Jesus’ disciple Peter.  That’s about all I remember, other thenContinue reading “Reflections on a Crazy, Wonderful Weekend”

The Numbers Game and Investing in One Life

Every semester in campus ministry is a new adventure.  Students from the previous year have moved on, either graduating or transferring to University Park.  A new influx of students comes in.  The community that forms in CSF and on campus looks and feels different.  It is always a bit exciting and a bit nerve-racking goingContinue reading “The Numbers Game and Investing in One Life”

Free Bags of Stuff for College Students!

Every year I invite local churches to donate gift bags for students at Penn State Berks.  These bags are filled with snacks, drinks (Pepsi products, no Coke allowed as per PSU’s contract with Pepsi), school supplies and any encouragement notes, Bibles or Christian books they want to include. The bags are dropped off at Kissinger’sContinue reading “Free Bags of Stuff for College Students!”

Reflections on a Memorable Week

I spent most of last week dressed as Noah: tunic, cloak, itchy wig and a staff.  The staff was perhaps confusing, some people saw me and thought I was Moses or just a crazy lost shepherd. The reason I dressed like this was that I had the privilege to join eleven Penn State Berks studentsContinue reading “Reflections on a Memorable Week”

Baking Cookies with Junia

52 Thursdays ago I planned to bake cookies for the students graduating or transferring.  It is something I do every year to honor the members of Christian Student Fellowship who are moving on from Penn State Berks. I like to joke that it would not be appropriate to give them a literal “Hershey” kiss soContinue reading “Baking Cookies with Junia”

Further Reflections on a week in Joplin

This was the first time I would have to go away for a while since we had Junia.  For that reason alone, I was not looking forward to the trip.  The students were excited.  But after nine of these trips I approach it as part of my job rather than something to be excited about.Continue reading “Further Reflections on a week in Joplin”

Hope in Joplin: CSF Spring Break 2012

This post is the first of two or three reflecting on Christian Student Fellowship’s Spring Break trip to Joplin, Missouri. We drove past Joplin High School numerous times during our week there working with IDES.  They told us that after the tornado hit, destroying thousands of homes and killing nearly 200 people, the only lettersContinue reading “Hope in Joplin: CSF Spring Break 2012”