The Secret Service Scandal and Sex Tourism

The story of the Secret Service advance team, preparing for President Obama’s visit to Colombia, continues to be headline news.  Eleven members have had their security clearance revoked following the allegations that they brought prostitutes into their hotel in Colombia. What is scary is that this sort of thing happens every day in country afterContinue reading “The Secret Service Scandal and Sex Tourism”

FREE Faith Communities Newsletter

Freedom and Restoration for Everyone Enslaved is a local community group that seeks to mobilize the community into effective action against human trafficking.  I lead the Faith Communities group.  Follow the link below to read the latest newsletter: FREE Faith Communities April 2012

Human Trafficking News – Recent Reads

The New Christian Abolition Movement: Motivated in large part by their religious traditions of protecting the vulnerable and serving “the least of these,” as Jesus instructed his followers to do in the Gospel of Matthew, World Relief and other Christian agencies like the Salvation Army are stepping up efforts and working with law enforcement toContinue reading “Human Trafficking News – Recent Reads”

Pimps are Criminals who Beat Women…which is not Cool

Back when Emily and I were first married, before she worked at the cyber school, she taught at a Mennonite high school.  Most mornings I would pack her lunch for her, as she left much earlier than I did (I work with college students, why be on campus before 10?).  I often packed a simpleContinue reading “Pimps are Criminals who Beat Women…which is not Cool”

Just Laws to Protect Trafficking Victims: What the Church Can Do

How you vote in the presidential election does not really matter. I am quite disillusioned with politics.  Too many powerful religious people think it is their job to pledge support to a presidential candidate.  I wonder how Jesus feels when his people are reduced to a voting bloc?  Recently a large group of evangelical ChristiansContinue reading “Just Laws to Protect Trafficking Victims: What the Church Can Do”

Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Recently President Obama declared January to be National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month.  It is great that this issue is being taken seriously by those in the halls of power.  Here is the beginning of what Obama said in his speech (and you can read the whole thing at the link): Nearly a centuryContinue reading “Human Trafficking Prevention Month”