For the Kids – PSU Dance MaraTHON!

Eleven years ago this weekend I danced in the Penn State dance marathon.  It is still one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life.  Penn State has been doing  THON for decades with the purpose of raising money to fight childhood cancer.  The fundraising each year culminates in the actual dance marathonContinue reading “For the Kids – PSU Dance MaraTHON!”

Junia Tormenting Skippy

I think my daughter is crazy.  She is an eighteen-month-old ball of goofiness and fun.  A primary example of her craziness: the way she tries to play with our dog, Skippy. We keep Skippy locked in his little area of the kitchen, which we call his den.  It is just safer and easier to keepContinue reading “Junia Tormenting Skippy”

We Are…More than Football

Today the NCAA delivered unprecedented sanctions against Penn State University’s football program.  I am sure most people already have an opinion on that and if you are interested you can find a myriad of articles on the sanctions.  My take has to do with the sanctions as they relate to the academic environment and theContinue reading “We Are…More than Football”

For the Kids – Penn State Dance Marathon!

Ten years ago this weekend I danced in the Penn State dance marathon with Abbey (Sacrkrison) Caldwell.  THON is an event that Penn State students have been doing for decades to raise money to fight childhood cancer.  The fundraising each year culminates in the actual dance marathon when, for one entire weekend, forty-eight hours, theContinue reading “For the Kids – Penn State Dance Marathon!”

When The Temple Crashes Down

As Jesus was leaving the temple, one of his disciples said to him, “Look, Teacher! What massive stones! What magnificent buildings!” “Do you see all these great buildings?” replied Jesus. “Not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.” Gospel of Mark 13:1-2 I have always been proud to be aContinue reading “When The Temple Crashes Down”

The Penn State Scandal and The Injustice We All Ignore

By now the scandal at my alma mater, Penn State University, is well known by everyone in America who does not live under a rock.  It is a horrendous story of the worst kind of abuse, a man using his position and power to abuse children.  Like most others connected to PSU, I have neverContinue reading “The Penn State Scandal and The Injustice We All Ignore”

Tibetan Monks visit PSU Berks!

The last few days Penn State Berks has been host to the “Mandala Sand Painting Exhibition” by Tibetan Monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery.  I did not see a write up about it on the PSU Berks site, but you can check out the monks’ site here.  I heard a lot of students saying howContinue reading “Tibetan Monks visit PSU Berks!”

Greatest Story Ever Told…on campus

Berks Idol is a yearly event on campus, sponsored by PSU Berks THON, that allows students to share their talents.  There were sixteen performances that included interpretive dance, a barbershop quartet, soloists, and more.   A group of CSF students performed a skit they called “The Greatest Story ever Told” which you can see hereContinue reading “Greatest Story Ever Told…on campus”

There is always a bad egg

As a student at Penn State I always enjoyed reading the Daily Collegian.  I still enjoy reading it every now and again online.  During football season I read the football coverage each Monday.  Inevitably after a loss, people write in complaining about all the problems with the Penn State football program. I have noticed anotherContinue reading “There is always a bad egg”

On Campus at PSU Berks

  On Monday I will be the guest on Get Some, a television show on campus (it is only shown on the campus television station so no, you cannot watch it).  Get Some is hosted by the campus nurse practitioner and discusses health issues with an emphasis on human sexuality.  The theme for the MondayContinue reading “On Campus at PSU Berks”