Advent – Calendars, Traditions and Jesus Storybook Bible

This is a picture of our way cool Advent Calendar.  We bought it last year in an effort to start a family tradition.  Each day Junia gets to open the corresponding box and get a little present.  Sometimes it is a dollar, or a small bath toy, or a piece of candy.  Last year IContinue reading “Advent – Calendars, Traditions and Jesus Storybook Bible”

On Cloth Diapering

When my wife, Emily, told me she wanted to use cloth diapers rather than disposable ones on our yet unborn baby, I was skeptical.  Never having changed a diaper in my life, I was a bit nervous about the whole thing.  Though I had no experience changing diapers, I assumed that using disposable diapers was muchContinue reading “On Cloth Diapering”

Dude, You Got Daddy Skills

My neighbor posted this video on her Facebook.  It is absolutely hilarious!  Share it with any dad you know. My favorite is that there were so many moments that I could completely relate to: stressing that people are going to know I’m the one who dressed her, the spare crocs when you go out, theContinue reading “Dude, You Got Daddy Skills”

Porn is Everywhere and it is a Gateway Drug

I absolutely cherish my 15 month old daughter Junia.  She has become my obsession.  As I play with her during the day or pray with her before bedtime I often find myself imagining what kind of person she will be when she is older. Maybe she’ll be a teacher.  Or perhaps she’ll want to beContinue reading “Porn is Everywhere and it is a Gateway Drug”

We Are…More than Football

Today the NCAA delivered unprecedented sanctions against Penn State University’s football program.  I am sure most people already have an opinion on that and if you are interested you can find a myriad of articles on the sanctions.  My take has to do with the sanctions as they relate to the academic environment and theContinue reading “We Are…More than Football”

Dispatch from the Middle of Nowhere

That title is actually false – I am no longer in the middle of nowhere.  But Emily, Junia, Skippy and I were privileged to spend the first four days this week practically in the middle of nowhere.  My aunt and uncle graciously allowed us to use their cabin for a retreat away from the world.Continue reading “Dispatch from the Middle of Nowhere”

Our Daughter’s Name and What it Means

Even before we knew we were going to have a baby, Emily and I had often discussed potential baby names.  Did we want to go with something traditional?  Perhaps a name already in our family?  Or something new and hip?  We chose not to learn the gender of our child, so we really had toContinue reading “Our Daughter’s Name and What it Means”

A Week With the Unholy Trinity

Don’t let the title fool you, this post has nothing to do with God.  It has everything to do with dogs! Emily and I have been dog-sitting for my sister and brother-in-law this week while they are on vacation.  Three dogs, two adult humans and one baby human in a place I like to call,Continue reading “A Week With the Unholy Trinity”

The Best…and the Worst? Is there a connection?

Two articles in the local paper caught my eye today. Newspaper Ranks Wyomissing Best High School in PA. This is where I live so I am encouraged about my daughter’s future education.  Of course, by the time she gets there who knows how much things will have changed.  It is also interesting that the BESTContinue reading “The Best…and the Worst? Is there a connection?”