Baking Cookies with Junia

52 Thursdays ago I planned to bake cookies for the students graduating or transferring.  It is something I do every year to honor the members of Christian Student Fellowship who are moving on from Penn State Berks. I like to joke that it would not be appropriate to give them a literal “Hershey” kiss soContinue reading “Baking Cookies with Junia”

Babies, Music and a Dilemma

Having a baby causes you to rethink things you used to think were irrelevant.  I imagine all parents find themselves being confronted with words and actions they always have done without a second thought which now seem questionable with a child in the house. Right now, I am thinking about the music we listen to.Continue reading “Babies, Music and a Dilemma”

I Used to Watch Sports – A Confession

The Super Bowl is coming up in one week.  One of my earliest sports memories is Joe Montana throwing the winning touchdown to John Taylor to lead the 49ers to victory over the Bengals.  I fondly remember many other Super Bowls.  Last year I enjoyed watching the Packers defeat the Steelers, as anytime the Steelers lose itContinue reading “I Used to Watch Sports – A Confession”

What Should I do with Santa Claus?

In May my wife is due to give birth to our first child.  I am both excited and terrified to be a father.  In the midst of all the doctor’s appointments, searching for cribs and other necessities, and reading books about parenting I have been thinking about what to do with Santa Claus?  Maybe thisContinue reading “What Should I do with Santa Claus?”