The Loving Presence of God

My favorite thing about the Kindle is that so many books are available for free or for a very small cost!  This is causing me to read books that I might never have read simply because I did not want to purchase them at a bookstore.  Along with that, I am reading more and moreContinue reading “The Loving Presence of God”

Dismantling Hope in the Powers

I grew up in a church that has an American flag right up front each and every Sunday morning.  On national holidays we would sing anthems to the greatness of the US.  The impression was clear: to be a good Christian is to be strong in support of America. (I should note one thing.  ThatContinue reading “Dismantling Hope in the Powers”

Almost Christian 3 – Mormon Envy

The National Study of Youth and Religion has shown that teenagers highly devoted to faith have families and churches that provide support. Specifically, this support reinforces four cultural tools that set young people firmly in their religious tradition (Almost Christian, 49): 1. They confess their tradition’s creed, or God story. 2. They belong to aContinue reading “Almost Christian 3 – Mormon Envy”

Recent Reads

I found Albert Mohler making a good point here: “News of the “house of horrors” in Pennsylvania brings prompt moral outrage, and understandably so. But is the abortion clinic on the corner, established for the purpose of killing unborn children, any less a house of horrors. The couple in Australia openly admitted aborting their twinContinue reading “Recent Reads”

Recent Reads – Articles

Students have headed home for the holidays, not to return for three weeks!  As always, I will spend this time in study and preparation for the coming semester.  As part of that study, I may spend a lot of time reading the work of the professors listed as the “Top 40 Blogs by Theology Professors.”Continue reading “Recent Reads – Articles”

Six Megathemes from Barna…and Campus Ministry

Summing up their research in 2010, the Barna group finds six “megathemes”.  I will list each one below with a few thoughts from my perspective as a campus minister on a secular university campus. 1.  The Christian Church is Becoming Less Theologically Literate What used to be basic, universally-known truths about Christianity are now unknownContinue reading “Six Megathemes from Barna…and Campus Ministry”

Recent Reads – Articles

Here are some thoughtful, fun and random things I have come across over the last week. What the Internet Killed – a list of some things that the growth of the Internet has made obsolete.  My favorite is the video store.  I love Netflix and despise Blockbuster.  I disagree that the internet has killed phoneContinue reading “Recent Reads – Articles”

Weekly Word – Costly Grace

This semester at CSF we are going through Matthew’s telling of the story of Jesus. Last night we spoke about how we are liberated from the bondage of sin so that we are enabled to live, by the strength of the Holy Spirit, lives of radical, counter-cultural discipleship. Studies have shown that the religion ofContinue reading “Weekly Word – Costly Grace”

When Atheists sound like Prophets…and Jesus?

I just finished a book called Suspicion and Faith: The Religious Uses of Modern Atheism by Merold Westphal. The author argues that rather than simply seeking to refute the atheistic criticisms of religion of Freud, Marx and Nietzsche, Christians should realize that much of what they say may ring true. If we know our scripture,Continue reading “When Atheists sound like Prophets…and Jesus?”