A Little History is a Good Thing

In the year 1347 a merchant ship docked in the port of Genoa, in Italy. Three years later 1/3 of the population of Europe, 30 million people, were dead. This ship landing in Genoa brought the black plague to European shores and despite the best efforts to stop its spread, spread it did. These wereContinue reading “A Little History is a Good Thing”

The Supreme Court and Campus Ministry

Yesterday (Monday) the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that a Christian club at a California law school cannot close its leadership to certain students, specifically homosexuals/lesbians.  To read about this, check out Christianity Today and Inside Higher Education.  What strikes me most is that this issue is not over, as Justice Ginsberg said that lower courtsContinue reading “The Supreme Court and Campus Ministry”

What Motivates?

Last fall CSF had a “Human-Trafficking Awareness Day” during which we sold t-shirts, handed out information about modern-day slavery, and at night had a guest speaker who has worked with a group in Cambodia to save women from slavery. From this CSF ended up partnering with the Step Dance Team for a benefit show, allContinue reading “What Motivates?”