Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans (Review)

Rachel Held Evans has been called the most polarizing woman in evangelicalism.  Whether that is true or not, she is certainly one of the most talented writers in evangelicalism today.  Her new book, Searching for Sunday, is a pleasure to read.  At times I was reminded of other great writers, like Frederick Buechner and Anne Lamott.Continue reading “Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans (Review)”

The Life of Moses by Gregory of Nyssa (Review)

Gregory of Nyssa was one of the Cappadocian Fathers, three Christian thinkers whose work was tremendous in the solidification of orthodoxy int he late 300s.  But they did not just write heady theological tomes, they also wrote profound works on spiritual life.  One of the best is the Life of Moses by Gregory. If youContinue reading “The Life of Moses by Gregory of Nyssa (Review)”

Its That Time of Year When I Get Delusions of Being a Philosopher

After passing two relatively aimless years at Penn State I finally got serious about my studies as well as choosing a major.  I had always enjoyed studying religion and history so I decided to major in religion.  This led me to some philosophy of religion classes which gave me an appetite to learn more philosophy.Continue reading “Its That Time of Year When I Get Delusions of Being a Philosopher”

Why I am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell (Review)

Recently I watched the movie God is not Dead (which I did not like).  During the scene where the Christian student stands up to his atheist professor, the professor adds an assignment for the whole class as punishment for this one student’s recalcitrance.  The assignment is to read Bertrand Russell’s Why I am Not aContinue reading “Why I am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell (Review)”

Who’s Afraid of Relativism (Review)

If you’ve spent any time in Christian circles discussing apologetics and theology, you are probably familiar with warnings against the specter of relativism.  We are warned that moral relativists are the problem, they are slippery and stand on shaky ground  According to relativism, we are told, anything and everything goes.  Against this we must standContinue reading “Who’s Afraid of Relativism (Review)”

Five Theological Orations by Gregory of Nazianzus

In my journey through reading Christian classics, I recently read Basil of Caesarea’s On the Holy Spirit.  Basil was good friends with Gregory of Nazianzus, together with Basil’s brother Gregory they are known as the Cappadocian Fathers.  Their writings were hugely influential in solidifying the doctrine of the Trinity leading up to the Council ofContinue reading “Five Theological Orations by Gregory of Nazianzus”

Feeding My Tolkien Obsession with Two Books

One night my wife looked over at me sitting on the couch and asked, “are you seriously reading that book?”  The book was the Letters of JRR Tolkien.  She could not understand why anyone would want to read hundreds of pages of someone’s personal letters.  Admittedly, it is rather odd.  This book is certainly notContinue reading “Feeding My Tolkien Obsession with Two Books”

Basil of Caesarea’s On the Holy Spirit

I recently read through Basil of Caesarea’s classic work On the Holy Spirit.  Basil is one of the Cappadocian fathers and this work on the Holy Spirit was hugely influential in the Council of Constantinople’s editing and affirmation of the Nicene Creed, including stronger language on the deity of the Spirit.  This work is alsoContinue reading “Basil of Caesarea’s On the Holy Spirit”

Cold Case Christianity (Review)

In my college years, learning arguments in favor of Christianity was a huge help to my faith.  Christian apologetics provided answers to many questions I had and gave me a love of learning and reading.  Over the years I have become somewhat skeptical of the utility of Christian apologetics, at least in terms of aContinue reading “Cold Case Christianity (Review)”

A People’s History of Christianity (Review)

A People’s History of Christianity, named after A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn. I liked this book.  But it was not what I expected and it could have been much better.  With the title it has, I expected a retelling of Christian history with a focus on figures, groups and movementsContinue reading “A People’s History of Christianity (Review)”