God Behaving Badly (Review)

How could God command genocide? Why does God endorse slavery? God is a sexist monster, isn’t he? These are the sorts of questions that frequently come up in discussions about the Bible, whether those discussions are with skeptics or sincere Christians working through the Bible for the first time.  Such questions have always been there,Continue reading “God Behaving Badly (Review)”

Community and Interpretation, Economy and Desire (Two Book Reviews)

I’ve been busy of late, a work trip to Maryland with Penn State Berks students for Spring Break being the primary cause of business (with my own crazy kids as a constant source).  That said, I am always reading and I have two books to share about today.  Both are from The Church and PostmodernContinue reading “Community and Interpretation, Economy and Desire (Two Book Reviews)”

The Drama of Doctrine – Review

Kevin Vanhoozer’s book The Drama of Doctrine has been on my list for years and after finishing it, I wish I would have read it sooner.  Vanhoozer has noticed that doctrine has fallen on hard times in the Christian church and part of his goal is to reclaim the importance of doctrine.  Part of the reasonContinue reading “The Drama of Doctrine – Review”

Christianity’s Dangerous Idea by Alister McGrath

Alister McGrath is one of my favorite theologians and his book Christianity’s Dangerous Idea, is a fantastic feast for any who dive into reading it.  The first part is a history of the Protestant Reformation up to about 1900 which reads more or less like a straightforward history book.  In the second part he analyzes aContinue reading “Christianity’s Dangerous Idea by Alister McGrath”

Telling God’s Story: A Parent’s Guide to Teaching the Bible

I grew up in the church learning all the old Bible stories.  I fondly recall hearing, over and over again, Jonah and the whale, Daniel and the Lions Den and so many more.  I am forever grateful for what I learned as a child.  Yet as I’ve moved into an adult faith, I see someContinue reading “Telling God’s Story: A Parent’s Guide to Teaching the Bible”

The Misunderstood Jew: The Church and the Scandal of the Jewish Jesus

Reading the Bible as a lifelong Christian means it is easy to accept certain things about the story rather uncritically.  While we recognize that Jesus was Jewish, we tend to contrast Jesus with most other Jews of his day.  We also tend to assume a straight line from the Old Testament Law to the JewsContinue reading “The Misunderstood Jew: The Church and the Scandal of the Jewish Jesus”

Hope Reformation by Josh Woodward (Review)

“God is more merciful and kind then we are, this is true.  God is bigger then Israel and God is bigger then Christians” (Hope Reformation, 77) I am a huge fan of the social networking website Goodreads.  You get to see what other people are reading, see reviews of books, join discussion groups about books.Continue reading “Hope Reformation by Josh Woodward (Review)”

The Paterno Legacy by Jay Paterno

Its been over three years now since the Sandusky abuse scandal shook the nation.  For the most part the media and the world have moved on.  Those of us with close ties to Penn State are still living with the aftershocks.  In the early days the media spent more time talking about iconic football coachContinue reading “The Paterno Legacy by Jay Paterno”

Favorite Books Read in 2014

Its a few days late, but better late then never. 1. After Virtue by Alasdair Macintyre 2. The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending the Bible Has Made us Unable to Read it by Peter Enns 3. How (Not) to be Secular by James K.A. Smith 4. Paul and the Faithfulness of God by NTContinue reading “Favorite Books Read in 2014”

The Bible Tells Me So by Peter Enns (Review)

Growing up as a Christian, there are a variety of subjects from the Bible that lead any thinking person to ask questions eventually.  How does the creation story relate to modern science?  How could the God revealed in Jesus command the extermination of the Canaanites?  What about all those other weird, even horrific and immoral,Continue reading “The Bible Tells Me So by Peter Enns (Review)”