Harry Potter and the Truth in Good Stories

As I sat in a Barnes and Noble for hours, awaiting the release of the final Harry Potter book, I wondered if we would ever experience this phenomenon again.  Hundreds of people, mostly kids, waiting for a book that will be released at midnight?!?!  Lots of people attend midnight showings of movies.  But I imagineContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Truth in Good Stories”

The Loving Presence of God

My favorite thing about the Kindle is that so many books are available for free or for a very small cost!  This is causing me to read books that I might never have read simply because I did not want to purchase them at a bookstore.  Along with that, I am reading more and moreContinue reading “The Loving Presence of God”

Learning from Calvin and Tolstoy

One of my favorite things about working in campus ministry is that our little community here on PSU Berks brings together students from diverse backgrounds, all who desire to know Jesus and make him known.  We have Christians from numerous backgrounds gathering together each year: Pentecostal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic and so on. What holdsContinue reading “Learning from Calvin and Tolstoy”