When I am not working with my fellow staff, I am leading Christian student Fellowship on campus.  CSF PSU Berks is a community of college students who share the purpose of growing as disciples of Jesus Christ; learning how to integrate Christian faith with a secular university education; being a blessing to the campus, the Reading community and the world through service; and helping people begin relationship with God through Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Working with college students is a privilege and a blessing.  Every year is different as we strive together strive to create a community of authentic, messy, growing, unique, diverse, fallen, forgiven, hopeful, maturing, failing, thoughtful, welcoming, loving, joyful, encouraging, college students.

If you are currently a prayer and/or financial supporter – THANK YOU!  I hope I say it enough.  I greatly appreciate all of your support.  Know that it is your continued generous support that makes this ministry possible.

If you are just meeting the CSF ministry for the first time, welcome!  Explore the blog, follow the links (although our website is in dire need of an update…we are looking for help with that!), and feel free to post or email me any questions or comments you have.

My ministry at PSU Berks is made possible by generous financial partners.  If you would like to contribute, click the link: