A Curriculum of Discipleship for University Students

Over the past few years, I have been working on a book/curriculum geared towards Christian students on secular university campuses, the sort of book that I wish I had had when I went to Penn State 20 years ago and the sort of book I think my students over the past 15 years would find helpful. To make a long, and probably dull, story short, I have written three devotional style books. Each is around 100 pages and, paired with the study outline, is intended to serve as the key component of a semester-long discipleship program.

Semester 1: The Story of Scripture – The first volume takes the student through the story of scripture from creation of the cosmos to the beginnings of the church. This story hopes to be a precursor to a more traditional study of Christian theology by moving through the history of God’s people up to the brink of what we see as Christian theology.

Volume 2: The Story of God – In this volume, we dive into the beginnings of Christian theology, focusing on the big questions of who God is and what God has done. As we examine topics such as the Trinity, Incarnation and Atonement, we spend time learning about some of the figures in the early centuries of the church who wrestled with these ideas. Thus, along with learning theology, a secondary goal is to recognize that the Christian tradition possesses an intellectual depth worthy of examination by contemporary university students.

Volume 3: The Story of Humanity – While the first two volumes seek to apply the lessons being learned to our practical lives, in this volume we center in on what all of this means for us. Going back once again to creation, we examine things such as the church, sacraments, mission, purpose and spiritual disciplines.