I have been serving in campus ministry with Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) at Penn State Berks since June, 2005. In 2016 I took on the role of Staff Development Coordinator for CSFPA, which means I provide coaching and additional training for our campus ministers around the state. This past summer my title shifted to Assistant Executive Director which means I am taking on additional responsibilities for CSFPA.

I graduated from Penn State University and Lincoln Christian Seminary.  Lincoln Christian Seminary is part of  the Christian Church/Church of Christ, a family of churches whose distinctive is to seek Christian unity (i.e. to be Christians only…of course, not the only Christians).  While serving as a youth minister during seminary, I was ordained in this family of churches.  CSF is affiliated with this heritage.  I grew up in the Evangelical Congregational (EC) Church, a denomination that grew out of Methodists and the Holiness Movement.  Until I left for college, this denomination was my greatest spiritual influence.  Upon entering campus ministry I was commissioned as a missionary in the EC Church.  Both of these traditions have shaped me and I am proud of my affiliation with each and their continued support of my ministry.

Emily and I have been married since March 25, 2006. We have two children – Junia and Elijah – and one dog – Johnny.