Vision – Purpose – Mission

Vision (Legacy) I desire to see any and all people become like Jesus.

I (I start with myself, I must become like Jesus) desire (hope, pray, assist, empower) any and all people (what I desire for myself I desire for all people – Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists and everyone else) become (Humans are made in God’s image and posses inherent worth and value yet are also broken which means we move to grow, mature and become more) like Jesus (Jesus is fully God and fully human so to become like Jesus is to become more like God and more what humans were made to be).

Purpose (Way of Being) – I hope to be someone who looks at people as unique individuals created in God’s image and loved unconditionally in Jesus Christ.  I value being open and accepting of where each individual is on their own life journey.  I believe humans grow through being honest and authentic with themselves and others.  As I come alongside others to help them grow, I seek to instill in each relationship integrity, joy, curiosity, depth of thought and humor.

Mission (Way of Doing) – My mission is to enter into intentional relationships with individuals whom I come into contact with through the various communities in my sphere of influence.  Through such relationships, I desire to walk alongside of people, helping them take active steps towards growing into the fullness of what it means to be a human created in God’s image.  Recognizing all people are in a different place on the journey of life, I seek to love and accept each person just the way they are while doing all I can to enable them to grow towards human maturity.