Fear, Love and Truth

If you are a Christian and you believe in hell as eternal (it lasts forever), conscious (people there continue to feel and experience it) torment (it is horrible), then I have a question: If you stopped believing in that view of hell, would you continue to be a Christian? This is a question I ponder […]

A Typical Question about “Good” (Listening to the Saints – Aquinas)

Is something good because God says so? Or does God say something good because it is? This is a common question asked by all sorts of people.  I have had discussions about it on campus with students and driving in the car with friends. If you say the second one is true then you are […]

Listening to the Saints – Aquinas

For some reason I keep wanting to read Thomas Aquinas, the Catholic scholar who lived from 1225-1274.  Perhaps it is because he remains the most influential Roman Catholic theologian today.  I have read Augustine and Calvin so I want to tackle the other greats.  But I tried Aquinas before (reported here) and failed miserably. Then […]