Community and Interpretation, Economy and Desire (Two Book Reviews)

I’ve been busy of late, a work trip to Maryland with Penn State Berks students for Spring Break being the primary cause of business (with my own crazy kids as a constant source).  That said, I am always reading and I have two books to share about today.  Both are from The Church and Postmodern […]

House of the Dead and Poor Folk by Dostoyevsky

Poor Folk by Fyodor Dostoyevsky will go down as the book I read on my Kindle while I tried to rock my newborn baby to sleep. Perhaps a weird choice. I recall reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales while holding my first child, though I think I read some of those out loud, perhaps scarring her for life. […]

The MaddAddam Trilogy – Dystopia for Grown Ups

Before I begin this review, let me address my young adult friends for a minute.  A few years ago you read The Hunger Games and loved it.  I enjoyed the trilogy too, even though the very end was a bit disappointing.  Then you went looking for more dystopia so you moved on to Divergent.  I am […]

CS Lewis: A Life by Alister McGrath (Review) And Top Ten Lewis Books

I’ve read a lot of CS Lewis books in my life, perhaps more than any other author.  But I had never read a biography, so all I knew of his life was the bits and pieces I picked up elsewhere.  I decided to remedy this recently by reading the new biography on Lewis by British […]

The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes (Review)

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Two iconic characters whose stories, until recently, I was totally unfamiliar with. Growing up I remember knowing there was a Sherlock Holmes but I never saw any movies or tv shows with him in it. It wasn’t until the movies with Robert Downey Jr. came out that Sherlock seemed to […]

My Top Ten Reads for 2013

My top ten (actually, there are like 20 books listed) reads of 2013, covering a variety of genres, and in no particular order!  Links are either to my review posted on this blog or to the Amazon listing for the book. 1. Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster This is one of those books I […]

Bakker and Bolz-Weber (Book Reviews)

If you’ve been disillusioned by church and Christians, I’ve got two books that might help you. First, Jay Bakker’s Fall to Grace: A Revolution of God, Self and Society.  Bakker is the son of famous television evangelist James Bakker, whose large ministry fell into ruins after a scandal in the 1980s.  Bakker begins this book […]

The End of Apologetics (Review)

As I grew up in the church I had a lot of questions about things of faith.  It wasn’t until I got to university that the need to find answers to such questions became much more pressing.  My discovery of “Christian apologetics” was incredibly helpful.  I was overjoyed to find books like Lee Strobel’s Case […]

The Journal of John Woolman – A Not-Review

John Woolman was a Quaker who lived just prior to the American Revolution.  But he is not known for anything to do with that, for he was fighting a much bigger fight, speaking our against slavery while the vast majority of people in the colonies still accepted it.  Woolman did not just speak out about […]

Reviews of a Couple Books on Christian Work and Vocation

In the past year I’ve been reading a lot of books on a Christian view of work.  I think helping people see that God has called them into their field of work is vitally important for both campus ministers, working with people while pursuing their education and preparing for work, and for church ministers who […]