#57 – The Cloud of Unknowing (My 100 Favorite Books)

This is a classic work of Christian mysticism and contemplative prayer from the 1300s.  The author is unknown.  I read it once on a kindle but it was incredibly difficult, then I picked up a translation which made it easier.  Though technically written in English, it is that old and confusing Middle English which stillContinue reading “#57 – The Cloud of Unknowing (My 100 Favorite Books)”

The Dialogue of Catherine of Sienna (Listening to the Saints)

Over the past few years I have worked through various classics of Christian spirituality as part of my daily devotional.  I have found it incredibly life-giving to, in addition to reading scripture, to read the words of these saints of Christ who have gone before us.  Most recently I read Catherine of Sienna’s Dialogue whichContinue reading “The Dialogue of Catherine of Sienna (Listening to the Saints)”

Excommunication? The Rule of St. Benedict

Benedict writes a lot about when and how to excommunicate people from the monastery, whether those kicked out ought ever be welcomed back, and how to correct faults.  Like much of what he writes, this just seems foreign to contemporary readers.  Excommunication?  Kicking people out?  It seems so intolerant, we say.  It illustrates all theContinue reading “Excommunication? The Rule of St. Benedict”

Be Humble! The Rule of St. Benedict

Humility is a big deal for St. Benedict.  Chapter seven of his rule focuses on humility and it is one of longest  (perhaps the longest) chapters in the entire work.  He compares the path to humility as a ladder to the heavens.  The first step on this ladder is fear of God which, for him,Continue reading “Be Humble! The Rule of St. Benedict”

A List of Good Works! The Rule of St. Benedict Chapter 4 (Listening to the Saints)

Chapter four of The Rule of St. Benedict is a list of good works Christians ought to do. Seriously, its just a list of  about 100 spiritual acts. Is there use in such a list? My Facebook feed is daily filled with shared articles on all sorts of random things (“17 Questions Elf Left Unanswered“,Continue reading “A List of Good Works! The Rule of St. Benedict Chapter 4 (Listening to the Saints)”

Walking with the Saints- The Rule of St. Benedict Chapters 1-2

What are the attributes of a good leader?  There are myriads of books out there on leadership, from leadership in the corporate world to leadership in the church and a good bit in between.  Specifically speaking about leadership in the Christian community, there is a lot out there.  Often when leadership is discussed in ChristianContinue reading “Walking with the Saints- The Rule of St. Benedict Chapters 1-2”

Our Effort and God’s Empowering – The Rule of St. Benedict: Prologue

I have enjoyed and benefited from working through the classics of Christian literature over the past few years, reading such great authors as Augustine of Hippp, Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, John Woolman, Brother Lawrence and others.  My next to work through is The Rule of St. Benedict. Benedict of Nursia lived fromContinue reading “Our Effort and God’s Empowering – The Rule of St. Benedict: Prologue”