#84 Why Church History Matters by Bob Rea (My 100 Favorite Books)

Okay, I’m a little biased with this one.  Bob Rea was my professor, and is a friend, from when I was in seminary at Lincoln Christian Seminary.  I learned a ton from him in class, and had fun chatting with him outside of class (even though he is an Ohio State guy).  He published this […]

#91 – Learning Theology With the Church Fathers by Christopher Hall (My 100 Favorite Books)

I’ve always loved history.  Throughout my life, one of the most impacting times was when I came in contact with the great tradition of the history of my faith.  Over the years I have spent time reading, and learning from, spiritual masters who have gone before.  I’ve also wrestled with questions and thought long about […]

Old Books Are Good For Your Soul

I grew up in imbibing white evangelical American theology.  It was in the air I breathed.  There is much good in that air.  But there is also much that is questionable.  Like others, there came a time in my life when I began to ask questions.  Some questions were small (How come so much contemporary […]

Devotional Recommendations?

Students and friends often ask me what books I would recommend for devotional reading.  I admit I am not entirely sure what sort of book they are looking for.  If by devotional they mean a book they can read a few pages each morning that will provide spiritual reflection throughout the day, then nearly anything […]

Five Theological Orations by Gregory of Nazianzus

In my journey through reading Christian classics, I recently read Basil of Caesarea’s On the Holy Spirit.  Basil was good friends with Gregory of Nazianzus, together with Basil’s brother Gregory they are known as the Cappadocian Fathers.  Their writings were hugely influential in solidifying the doctrine of the Trinity leading up to the Council of […]

Basil of Caesarea’s On the Holy Spirit

I recently read through Basil of Caesarea’s classic work On the Holy Spirit.  Basil is one of the Cappadocian fathers and this work on the Holy Spirit was hugely influential in the Council of Constantinople’s editing and affirmation of the Nicene Creed, including stronger language on the deity of the Spirit.  This work is also […]

A People’s History of Christianity (Review)

A People’s History of Christianity, named after A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn. I liked this book.  But it was not what I expected and it could have been much better.  With the title it has, I expected a retelling of Christian history with a focus on figures, groups and movements […]

Know the Creeds, Councils and Heretics by Justin Holcomb

Justin Holcomb has done the Church a favor in publishing two books: Know the Heretics and Know the Creeds and Councils.  Both can serve as great introductions to the history of Christian theology, including both what Christians believe and why they believe it.  I could see these books both being used in small group studies […]

Unity and Diversity (Listening to the Saints)

I am writing a series of posts as devotionals for my college students this summer.  Many of these have been inspired by Pascal’s Pensees, but I am also reading portions of the early church fathers.  This post is inspired by Clement of Rome. There is debate in scholarly circles, but in general all the books […]

Walking with the Saints – John Wesley’s Journal

In January I set out to read John Wesley’s journal.  Over the years I have found great spiritual nourishment in reading the works from Christian saints through the ages: Theresa of Avila, Brother Lawrence, Julian of Norwich, John Calvin, John of the Cross and more.  Since I consider myself “Wesleyan” in my theology, I figured […]