There’s No Silver Bullet in Outreach and Evangelism

Working in campus ministry, the question of the best way to reach out to college students with the gospel is one that is often on my mind.  What sort of activities and programs should we offer on campus?  What types of questions are people asking?  What is the best way to connect with skeptical students? […]

Unity and Diversity (Listening to the Saints)

I am writing a series of posts as devotionals for my college students this summer.  Many of these have been inspired by Pascal’s Pensees, but I am also reading portions of the early church fathers.  This post is inspired by Clement of Rome. There is debate in scholarly circles, but in general all the books […]

Desiring and Imagining the Kingdom by James Smith (Two [no, Three!] Book Reviews)

Whether when I was in seminary or now in campus ministry, there is a lot of talk among Christians in such circles about worldview. The way it goes is that the university, for example, has a view of the world which is being taught to students in the classroom. Our responsibility as Christians is to […]

Some Thoughts On Lent Inspired by the Rule of St. Benedict

From the Rule of St. Benedict: “We advise that during these days of Lent he guard his life with all purity and at the same time wash away during these holy days all the shortcomings of other times” St. Benedict (2011-04-30). The Rule of St. Benedict (Kindle Locations 732-733). PlanetMonk Books. Kindle Edition. “During these days, […]

The Singularity, Misquotations, Guns and Church (Recent Reads)

What happens when your iPhone is literally in your head?  The singularity is near. Beware the three dots that often appear in quotes (…).  These three dots show that something in the original text was skipped over.  Usually this is simply a way to make a quote cleaner and briefer.  But it is also allows […]

Real Church in a Social Network World = Relationships (A Book Review)

I’ve wanted to read a book by Leonard Sweet for years. A good friend of mine studied under Sweet for his Doctor of Ministry degree and has always spoken very highly of him. Along with that, I’ve noticed Sweet’s work throughout the years, often making a mental note to pick up this or that book […]

Is the Church Overprotective? Young Adults Who Wander (You Lost Me 6)

A few years back I was talking to someone about what I do as a campus minister and I made a comment along the lines of how I don’t really listen to Christian music.  The person was kind of surprised, thinking I listened to such holy music so I could recommend it to my students. […]