Beloit College Mindset List , Class of 2019

Every year Beloit College releases their mindset list to give us a window on the world in which incoming freshman have grown up.  This list is always a fun and enlightening read. When I speak to churches about campus ministry, I say that working with college students does require us to speak a new languageContinue reading “Beloit College Mindset List , Class of 2019”

Another Day, Another Study Shows Shrinking Affiliation to Christianity

I’ve seen a bunch of news stories on a new Pew Research Center study that shows a decline in the percentage of Americans who identify as Christians as well as growth, especially among those born since 1980, of those who identify as non-religious.  This group includes atheists, agnostics and those who may believe in GodContinue reading “Another Day, Another Study Shows Shrinking Affiliation to Christianity”

Why I Don’t Give a Straight Answer to Every Question

“Yeah, but Dave, what do you believe is the right answer?” One evening during our recent Spring Break trip I was sitting at dinner with two member of our team.   The student who asked this question is Heather.  Heather has been a member of CSF for over three years.  In that time I haveContinue reading “Why I Don’t Give a Straight Answer to Every Question”

Beloit College Mindset List Class of 2018

Every year I enjoy the Beloit College Mindset List.   Of course, every year it makes me feel older and older.  The first one on the list notes that this year’s freshmen were in kindergarten when the planes hit the World Trade Center 13 years ago.  Wow. Here are some highlights from this year’s list.Continue reading “Beloit College Mindset List Class of 2018”

King of the Campus by Stephen Lutz

Steve Lutz does ministry with college students at Penn State University and in his previous book, College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture, gave others who work in campus ministry a lot to ponder and put into practice. His second book, King of the Campus,  is targeted not to his fellow pastors but instead to ChristianContinue reading “King of the Campus by Stephen Lutz”

Are Christians Anti-Science? (You Lost Me 8)

In You Lost Me, David Kinnaman states that “Millions of young Christians perceive Christianity to be in opposition to modern science.”  The rest of this chapter goes on to analyze the data that says many young adults walk away from faith, or become disillusioned with faith, because it appears to be opposed to modern science.Continue reading “Are Christians Anti-Science? (You Lost Me 8)”

Young Adults Who Wander from Faith (You Lost Me 3)

I want a pair of Google glasses. A pair of glasses that are basically a computer in your field of vision.  How cool would they be? I actually got into an argument with some of my students a few months back.  They seemed more skeptical then me about the possibility or usefulness of something likeContinue reading “Young Adults Who Wander from Faith (You Lost Me 3)”

The Campus (Ministry) Tsunami

David Brooks writes in his piece, The Campus Tsunami, “What happened to the newspaper and magazine business is about to happen to higher education: a rescrambling around the Web.” Brooks mentions many of the doubts people have about the usefulness of online learning: decreased academic standards, celebrity professors putting everyone else out of a job,Continue reading “The Campus (Ministry) Tsunami”

For the Kids – Penn State Dance Marathon!

Ten years ago this weekend I danced in the Penn State dance marathon with Abbey (Sacrkrison) Caldwell.  THON is an event that Penn State students have been doing for decades to raise money to fight childhood cancer.  The fundraising each year culminates in the actual dance marathon when, for one entire weekend, forty-eight hours, theContinue reading “For the Kids – Penn State Dance Marathon!”