Thoughts on Pope Francis’ Book on the Environment

The Pope Francis hype from a few weeks ago has died down.  Around the time he was visiting my radio channel surfing one day landed me on Rush.  I listened for a few minutes as Rush tried to figure out whether Francis was a Marxist or not.  It was amazing to see that Rush couldContinue reading “Thoughts on Pope Francis’ Book on the Environment”

The River of Life by Lee Harmon (Review)

In his first two books, Lee Harmon took a creative approach to biblical interpretation.  Rather than a usual commentary, he wrote stories set in the days of the beginning of Christianity.  Through these stories, he illustrated how the gospel of John and the book of Revelation may have come to be written.  Both books areContinue reading “The River of Life by Lee Harmon (Review)”

Mississippi Praying by Carolynn Renee Dupont (Review)

Were Christians in Mississippi opposed to integration in the 1950s and 1960s merely due to their cultural influences? No, argues Carolynn Renee Dupont in this fantastic piece of history.  Against the common assumption that religious beliefs were incidental and mostly unrelated to their racism, Dupont shows that it was the religious beliefs of these peopleContinue reading “Mississippi Praying by Carolynn Renee Dupont (Review)”

John’s Gospel – The Way it Might Have Happened?

About 2/3 of the way through his book John’s Gospel: The Way it Happened, Lee Harmon writes, “John promotes the idea that literalists and non-literalists may coexist” (202).  This statement shows the hopefulness behind Lee’s writing, a hopefulness that Christians of different theological persuasions could lay aside, or maybe even embrace, their differences and workContinue reading “John’s Gospel – The Way it Might Have Happened?”