#14 – The Beauty of the Infinite by David Bentley Hart (My 100 Favorite Books)

When I read this book, I described it to someone as a symphony where there is more going on then the average listener is getting.  I recall asking my friend who recommended it if he understood what Hart was saying in the first 150 pages.  In those pages, Hart is going deep into philosophy and […]

#31 – The Experience of God by David Bentley Hart (My 100 Favorite Books)

How do you picture God?  Who, or what, is God? Whatever people may say they believe, the way people talk about God points to a sort of God who is just a bigger or more powerful version of a human.  This is common between both Christians and atheist.  In common parlance, when God is spoken […]

The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss by David Bentley Hart (Review)

Reading a David Bentley Hart book is to pull your chair up to the grown-up table and feast on tasty delicacies you had previously not realized existed.  This is especially true of his latest book in which he argues both atheists and many Christians do not speak about God in the right way.  God, argues Hart, […]

My Top Ten Reads for 2013

My top ten (actually, there are like 20 books listed) reads of 2013, covering a variety of genres, and in no particular order!  Links are either to my review posted on this blog or to the Amazon listing for the book. 1. Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster This is one of those books I […]

Dear Pastor Friends and Other Christians Who Like to Think – You Should Read David Bentley Hart

David Bentley Hart is an Eastern Orthodox theologian and philosopher.  His book The Beauty of the Infinite was one of the most difficult, and rewarding, books I have read.  I highly recommend his other works as well. If you are going to start reading Hart, the best book to pick up might be his collection […]

Two Book Reviews! (Don’t be that impressed, one of the books is super short!)

After working my way through The Beauty of the Infinite by David Bentley Hart and being incredibly impressed, I sought out more of his books.  He wrote a short book , The Doors of the Sea: Where Was God in the Tsunami, on the problem of evil and suffering in light of the 2004 tsunami […]

The Beauty of the Infinite – Review

Like anyone, I enjoy listening to music.  I never learned to play an instrument and I don’t really have a critical ear for the skills of musicians.  But I have friends who are skilled musicians.  We can listen to the same song and because of their understanding of music, they appreciate the song on a […]