Community and Interpretation, Economy and Desire (Two Book Reviews)

I’ve been busy of late, a work trip to Maryland with Penn State Berks students for Spring Break being the primary cause of business (with my own crazy kids as a constant source).  That said, I am always reading and I have two books to share about today.  Both are from The Church and Postmodern […]

Beliefs and Desires – Thoughts on Pascal’s Pensees (Listening to the Saints)

I used to write a “Weekly Word” every Friday, devotional thoughts geared towards the CSF students at PSU Berks.  This summer I am bringing the Weekly Word back in hopes of providing spiritual support to the students while they are home. Blaise Pascal lived in France in the mid-1600s and by all accounts was a […]

Desiring and Imagining the Kingdom by James Smith (Two [no, Three!] Book Reviews)

Whether when I was in seminary or now in campus ministry, there is a lot of talk among Christians in such circles about worldview. The way it goes is that the university, for example, has a view of the world which is being taught to students in the classroom. Our responsibility as Christians is to […]