Praying the Psalm And Questioning it At the Same Time (Psalm 26 – Weekly Word)

After last week’s detour to Psalm 55, we are back on track with where we left off – Psalm 26!  As I read this Psalm two thoughts ran through my mind: This is beautiful!  I want to have this sort of confidence and pray like this. This is so different once we bring Jesus, the […]

Weekly Word – Psalm 12

“Its not a lie, if you believe it” – George Costanza. I know most of you never watched Seinfeld, it went off the air before you were born!  If I could recommend one nineties show, it’d be this.  George was Jerry’s neurotic friend who made an art out of lying.  While we chuckle at his […]

Devotional Recommendations?

Students and friends often ask me what books I would recommend for devotional reading.  I admit I am not entirely sure what sort of book they are looking for.  If by devotional they mean a book they can read a few pages each morning that will provide spiritual reflection throughout the day, then nearly anything […]

What Motivates You? Thoughts on Pascal’s Pensees (Listening to the Saints)

“Vanity is so anchored in the heart of man that a soldier, a soldier’s servant, a cook, a porter brags, and wishes to have his admirers. Even philosophers wish for them. Those who write against it want to have the glory of having written well; [72] and those who read it desire the glory of […]

Beliefs and Desires – Thoughts on Pascal’s Pensees (Listening to the Saints)

I used to write a “Weekly Word” every Friday, devotional thoughts geared towards the CSF students at PSU Berks.  This summer I am bringing the Weekly Word back in hopes of providing spiritual support to the students while they are home. Blaise Pascal lived in France in the mid-1600s and by all accounts was a […]