#95 – The Next Christendom by Philip Jenkins (My 100 Favorite Books)

This book makes the list for being one of the first books I read that helped expand my understanding of the diversity and largeness of the Christian tradition.  Jenkins shows how Christianity has numerically exploded in the Global South since 1900.  He also shows, and goes into more depth in future books (which are alsoContinue reading “#95 – The Next Christendom by Philip Jenkins (My 100 Favorite Books)”

Unity and Diversity (Listening to the Saints)

I am writing a series of posts as devotionals for my college students this summer.  Many of these have been inspired by Pascal’s Pensees, but I am also reading portions of the early church fathers.  This post is inspired by Clement of Rome. There is debate in scholarly circles, but in general all the booksContinue reading “Unity and Diversity (Listening to the Saints)”