#5 – The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (My 100 Favorite Books)

I’m currently reading this book for the third time.  Maybe that’s all I need to say for why it makes my top five.  The first time I read it, I had heard it was a classic.  But it is not an easy read and I am not sure I was able to follow it well.  […]

#88 – Benefit of the Doubt by Greg Boyd (My 100 Favorite Books)

If you’ve never doubted your faith, I’d say you’re lying or you’ve never spent much time thinking about it.  I suppose people of all faiths doubt whether their understanding of the world is true or not.  I’d even say any honest atheist would have to have some doubt whether they can know for sure there […]

Having Faith and Doubt – When Both Sides Sometimes Make Sense (Reflections on Pascal’s Pensees)

I’ve been sharing reflections on portions of Blaise Pascal’s Pensees (Thoughts), writing with my students at PSU Berks in mind.  Today I come to one of my favorite quotes from the book: This is what I see and what troubles me. I look on all sides, and I see only darkness everywhere. Nature presents to […]

Breaking the Idol of Certainty by Greg Boyd (Review)

I read a lot of books, but Breaking the Idol of Certainty by Greg Boyd might be the first book I’ve read where I found myself thinking that this is the sort of book I’d want to write. I felt like Greg was at times writing out my own thoughts. If you’ve ever struggled with doubt, […]

Doubt and Faith – Walking with the Saints

John Wesley was struggling with doubt about the sincerity of his faith.  The year was 1738 and though he was a preacher he was unsure whether he was even truly a Christian.  He says he was convinced of unbelief and felt that because of this he must stop preaching.  After all, how could he preach […]

Advent – Preparing for the Coming King (Day 17)

I forgot to post yesterday (the text we read was John 3:1-21).  It was a busy day, I never got on the computer.  Today’s verse comes from the Psalms and it was one I needed to hear. Day 17 – God has done Great Things for us – Psalm 118:19-29 19 Open for me the gates […]