Thoughts on Christian Living During an Epidemic

1. What a Week!2. The Early Church and Plagues3. Julian the Apostate’s Implicit Christianity4. On Belief and Action5. A Brief Tangent on Money6. What Does it Even Look Like to Live Like Jesus7. Conclusions8. Questions 1. What a Week! This has been quite an exciting few weeks.  Two weeks ago I fired off a newsletter,Continue reading “Thoughts on Christian Living During an Epidemic”

Social Justice and Caring for the Poor in the Early Church

A while back a popular conservative commentator got all up in arms over the term “social justice”, warning his listeners to flee their church if the pastor mentioned it because it was code for communism.  He may be surprised to learn that the idea of social justice has roots as old as the Christian faithContinue reading “Social Justice and Caring for the Poor in the Early Church”

Listening to the Saints – Gregory of Nyssa’s Great Catechism

I have so enjoyed working through the writings of long dead Christians whose work has stood the test of time.  Recently I’ve been reading the Cappadocian Fathers, three men who lived in the second half of the 300s.  Their work on the Trinity and Christian spirituality is fantastic. Gregory of Nyssa’s The Great Catechism isContinue reading “Listening to the Saints – Gregory of Nyssa’s Great Catechism”

The Life of Moses by Gregory of Nyssa (Review)

Gregory of Nyssa was one of the Cappadocian Fathers, three Christian thinkers whose work was tremendous in the solidification of orthodoxy int he late 300s.  But they did not just write heady theological tomes, they also wrote profound works on spiritual life.  One of the best is the Life of Moses by Gregory. If youContinue reading “The Life of Moses by Gregory of Nyssa (Review)”

History is Messy – Which is Why it is Awesome

I love reading history.  This post is inspired by a book I read about early Christian history.  Early Christian history makes the news every now and then, often when a book (like The Da Vinci Code) tells of conspiracy theories and a real Jesus much different then the biblical one.  The real history is fascinating.Continue reading “History is Messy – Which is Why it is Awesome”