Getting Crafty and then Reading about Baby Brains (i.e., some parenting books)

I am not artistic.  The thought of drawing and painting almost makes me cringe.  Actually, as I wrote those words I thought back to “drawing and painting” class in junior high and…pardon me while I sob in the corner for five minutes. Okay, I’m back. Anyway, I am not a very artistic person.  But thanks […]

Books, Parenting, Vaccines and Some Politics (Recent Reads)

What Kind of Book Reader Are You? Do you start a book, read it straight through, then move on to another?  Do you just have books around because you like how they look, but you don’t really read them?  Do you only read at bed-time?    Do you hate to read?  This fun article helps […]

The Best…and the Worst? Is there a connection?

Two articles in the local paper caught my eye today. Newspaper Ranks Wyomissing Best High School in PA. This is where I live so I am encouraged about my daughter’s future education.  Of course, by the time she gets there who knows how much things will have changed.  It is also interesting that the BEST […]