#45 – Revelation’s Rhapsody by Bob Lowery (My 100 Favorite Books)

Growing up, my grandmother was constantly warning me about the coming of the Antichrist.  There would be a one-world government led by this Antichrist, Satan’s servant.  Some signs of this would be the world moving to one currency and attacks on God’s favored nation, Israel.  The place all these ideas were found was the final […]

On Campus at PSU Berks

Last week was question and answer week.  First on Monday I was the guest on Get Some, an on campus television show focused on issues of health and human sexuality.  The theme last week was sexuality and spirituality.  About thirty people showed up, most of whom did so to fulfill a requirement for class.  Alice, […]

Summer in Thessalonica – Do not be Deceived!

Jehovah’s Witnesses are famous for their door-to-door evangelism techniques. Maybe you’ve groaned as you have seen them walk toward your door? The Jehovah’s Witnesses trace their roots to Charles Taze Russell in the 1870s who, with a group of friends studying the Bible, came to new teachings on Jesus’ second coming. For centuries Christians had […]

A Little History is a Good Thing

In the year 1347 a merchant ship docked in the port of Genoa, in Italy. Three years later 1/3 of the population of Europe, 30 million people, were dead. This ship landing in Genoa brought the black plague to European shores and despite the best efforts to stop its spread, spread it did. These were […]

Summer in Thessalonica – Flatland and the End

Two years ago I read a fun little book called Flatland. It begins in a two-dimensional world (flatland, like one you would draw on a piece of paper) with the main character, a Square, telling his story. In the story the Square is visited by a three-dimensional Sphere from Spaceland. But having never lived in […]

Summer in Thessalonica – Hope in Death

At seven feet and seven inches tall, weight 225 pounds, Manute Bol was the skinniest players in the NBA. He was never a great player, averaging only about three points per game, but he did manage to make a fortune playing basketball. Manute Bol went broke by giving most of his six million dollars to […]