What if We’re the Target for Missionaries?

It was at least 25 years ago when my grandmother said to me, “someday, other countries will be sending missionaries to the United States.” I grew up in a church with a heavy emphasis on foreign mission. Jesus had commanded his followers to go, and we honored those who heeded that call to travel toContinue reading “What if We’re the Target for Missionaries?”

Why Does God Favor Certain People? (Weekly Word)

This summer I am going to dedicate each Friday to questions that students have asked me about God, faith and such.  Some of these questions come were forwarded to me from Christian students or their skeptical friends.  Others are questions that I have been asked in some way, shape or form many times.  I doContinue reading “Why Does God Favor Certain People? (Weekly Word)”

Why I Don’t Give a Straight Answer to Every Question

“Yeah, but Dave, what do you believe is the right answer?” One evening during our recent Spring Break trip I was sitting at dinner with two member of our team.   The student who asked this question is Heather.  Heather has been a member of CSF for over three years.  In that time I haveContinue reading “Why I Don’t Give a Straight Answer to Every Question”

There’s No Silver Bullet in Outreach and Evangelism

Working in campus ministry, the question of the best way to reach out to college students with the gospel is one that is often on my mind.  What sort of activities and programs should we offer on campus?  What types of questions are people asking?  What is the best way to connect with skeptical students?Continue reading “There’s No Silver Bullet in Outreach and Evangelism”

What A Student Who Loves Doctor Who Taught me About Faith

This article was written for my December newsletter, sent out to all supporters of my ministry at PSU Berks.  I thought it was worth posting here too. On Monday, November 23 I found myself in a theater surrounded by “Whovians.”  For those of you who don’t know – a “Whovian” is a fan of theContinue reading “What A Student Who Loves Doctor Who Taught me About Faith”

Fear, Love and Truth

If you are a Christian and you believe in hell as eternal (it lasts forever), conscious (people there continue to feel and experience it) torment (it is horrible), then I have a question: If you stopped believing in that view of hell, would you continue to be a Christian? This is a question I ponderContinue reading “Fear, Love and Truth”

On Campus At PSU Berks – Picking Up Trash for Jesus (Again)

CSF tries to find ways to practically serve the campus on a regular basis.  Finding things to do is not as easy as one might think.  I think there are a few reasons for this: 1. Campus runs like a well-oiled machine – it is not like there are huge fields of uncut grass orContinue reading “On Campus At PSU Berks – Picking Up Trash for Jesus (Again)”

On Campus at PSU Berks – Two Kinds of Students in Campus Ministries

When I was a student at Penn State University Park there were at least fifteen evangelical Christian ministries on campus (and there may be more now).  As far as I recall, the groups got along well, recognizing they all had similar goals.  That said, some groups had more of a reputation for being intensely committedContinue reading “On Campus at PSU Berks – Two Kinds of Students in Campus Ministries”

On Campus at Penn State Berks – Picking Up Trash for Jesus

Last evening the CSF students performed their first service project of the semester.  CSF’s Tuesday night meetings rotate between social nights (when I usually dominate at Settlers of Catan), service projects (such as last evening, which we’ll get to in a minute) or other special, random events. For our first service evening of the yearContinue reading “On Campus at Penn State Berks – Picking Up Trash for Jesus”

On Campus at PSU Berks: Unity Day and Easter Dinner

This past Wednesday was Unity Day at Penn State Berks.  At the time, I simply thought it was an end of the year, spring is here, let’s all be fired up with love for Penn State sort of event.  Apparently there was a theme: East Africa.  As a side note, I completely missed all theContinue reading “On Campus at PSU Berks: Unity Day and Easter Dinner”