Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson – Dueling Theologians

On Sunday night after leading his Green Bay Packers to victory over the Seattle Seahawks, Aaron Rodgers gave credit to God.  Rodgers said to reporters afterwards: “I think God was a Packers fan tonight, so he was taking care of us.” There is background here that makes this much more amusing.  Last year the two […]

2012 Blog Year in Review

My most popular posts this year were: 1. For the Kids – the Penn State Dance Marathon Apparently a lot of people doing internet searches for Penn State’s Dance Marathon stumbled onto my post.  Cool. 2. Pimps are Criminals who Beat Women….Which is Not Cool This might be my favorite post of the year, so […]

We Are…More than Football

Today the NCAA delivered unprecedented sanctions against Penn State University’s football program.  I am sure most people already have an opinion on that and if you are interested you can find a myriad of articles on the sanctions.  My take has to do with the sanctions as they relate to the academic environment and the […]

The Steelers are the Yankees (and why you should cheer for Green Bay on Sunday)

I realize I may lose a lot of the goodwill I receive on my birthday with this post, but oh well.  For the record, this post is all in good fun. To start, I am a lifelong Philadelphia fan.  I can’t say I never had a wandering onto a bandwagon in my younger days while […]

There is always a bad egg

As a student at Penn State I always enjoyed reading the Daily Collegian.  I still enjoy reading it every now and again online.  During football season I read the football coverage each Monday.  Inevitably after a loss, people write in complaining about all the problems with the Penn State football program. I have noticed another […]