Recent Reads – Horrible Advice to Soldiers, Beiber and Trafficking, Marriage, Guns and More!

Shameful, Ridiculous and Cruel Why on earth do people listen to anything David Barton has to say?  Not only is his history totally shoddy, but he teaches awful theology and ethics.  Whether it is assuming America is some sort of Christian nation so our wars are always blessed by God, or telling soldiers with PTSD […]

How My Daughter’s Fall On Her Head Made Me Think About the Gun Debate

On Sunday Junia was playing in the yard.  Emily was right there with her, keeping an eye on her, playing with her.  Nevertheless, Junia tripped when she was running and fell onto a rock.  She had to go to the emergency room to get the large cut on her head (any cut on your two […]

The Singularity, Misquotations, Guns and Church (Recent Reads)

What happens when your iPhone is literally in your head?  The singularity is near. Beware the three dots that often appear in quotes (…).  These three dots show that something in the original text was skipped over.  Usually this is simply a way to make a quote cleaner and briefer.  But it is also allows […]

Guns: Inconsistent Logic and False Dichotomies

I wrote this post last week, prior to yesterday’s shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.  Such violence tears my heart and my prayers are with the families of all the victims of this tragedy, and the other all-to-common tragedies in our world. Before you read this post, check out Nicholas Kristof’s great article: Safe […]

Speaking for Peace and Less Violence

In a recent post I drew a connection between the prevalence of pornography and the abuse of women in sex trafficking.  Near the end, certainly influenced by all the talk of the massacre at Aurora, I threw in a comment that if we can draw a connection from guns to violence why can’t we draw […]