Journey of the Pearl by AE Smith (Review)

AE Smith’s story Journey of the Pearl is an enjoyable work of historical fiction. There are some good characters here and anyone who appreciates history, or a good story should like it. Of course, it is a Christian story, so those who are Christian readers will definitely find much to enjoy as miracles happen. SomeContinue reading “Journey of the Pearl by AE Smith (Review)”

John’s Gospel – The Way it Might Have Happened?

About 2/3 of the way through his book John’s Gospel: The Way it Happened, Lee Harmon writes, “John promotes the idea that literalists and non-literalists may coexist” (202).  This statement shows the hopefulness behind Lee’s writing, a hopefulness that Christians of different theological persuasions could lay aside, or maybe even embrace, their differences and workContinue reading “John’s Gospel – The Way it Might Have Happened?”