Slow Cooker Chicken Corn Soup (CSA style, with celery root)

Growing up in Pennsylvania Dutch country, I know what rivels are – they are little dumplings one finds in good, PA Dutch style chicken corn soup. Yesterday I betrayed my heritage, making chicken corn soup without rivels. That said, my soup was pretty good. Our summer CSA has inundated us with corn on the cob.Continue reading “Slow Cooker Chicken Corn Soup (CSA style, with celery root)”

What to do with a beet?

Before two years ago, I knew two things about beets: 1. They were the main ingredient in something called “Red Beet Eggs“. ┬áMy family often had these around when I was growing up and I never tried them as they looked awful. 2. Dwight Schrute farmed them on The Office. Then Emily and I joinedContinue reading “What to do with a beet?”