Did God Send the Coronavirus: Thoughts on God’s Sovereignty

I wrote this article in my April 24 Newsletter. Here is the first part: 1. Did God Send Covid-19?  We have been studying the book of Job for our Thursday night CSF meetings and we are going to be in Job for a while as there are so many things to pick out of thatContinue reading “Did God Send the Coronavirus: Thoughts on God’s Sovereignty”

I stink at praying (Listening to the Saints)

I stink at praying.  When I was a kid I was told that if you want to be a good Christian you need to pray, read the Bible and be involved in church.  The latter two were never really a problem for me.  But praying?  I knew I was supposed to pray so I wouldContinue reading “I stink at praying (Listening to the Saints)”