Devotional Recommendations?

Students and friends often ask me what books I would recommend for devotional reading.  I admit I am not entirely sure what sort of book they are looking for.  If by devotional they mean a book they can read a few pages each morning that will provide spiritual reflection throughout the day, then nearly anything […]

Listening to the Saints – Julian of Norwich: “All Shall be Well” (Part 2)

I previously wrote about 14th century Christian nun and mystical writer Julian of Norwich here.  Welcome to part two. What use is there in a book written 700 years ago by a woman who lived alone, seeing visions of Jesus which some today would say make her crazy?  I was skimming through reviews of her […]

Listening to the Saints – Julian of Norwich: “All shall be well”

“All shall be well. All shall be well.  All manner of things shall be well” Julian of Norwich was born around 1342.  Very little is known of her life.  Apparently she became gravely ill at age thirty and expected to die. Seven days later the illness passed and she experienced sixteen visions, or revelations. These […]