Hope Beyond the Grave (Psalm 30, Weekly Word)

Christians sometimes speak of the various prophecies fulfilled by Jesus as the long-awaited Jewish messiah.  Whatever truth there is in that, there is one thing Jesus did that was not prophesied: the resurrection.  There is no hint in the Old Testament that the coming Messiah would die and rise again.  The very thought of the […]

#28 – Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn (My 100 Favorite Books)

Today we look back on the acceptance of slavery in the 1800s and before and ask what those people were thinking. How could they accept such a horrific crime to continue in their midst? Or we look to our more recent past and cringe at the crimes done by those in favor of segregation. Again, […]

#93 – Good News About Injustice by Gary Haugen (My 100 Favorite Books)

As I write this, I realize there are a few books about human trafficking that could make the list.  Human trafficking, or modern-day slavery, is a horrific evil that has gained much publicity in the last decade.  There are numerous organizations working to bring traffickers to justice and care for survivors.  If you want to […]

What if This Was the Sort of Thing People Thought About When They Heard “Christian”?

Evangelicals Denounce Payday Lenders, Join Fight For New Regulations. Payday loans are an evil that take advantage of people in need.  I was so happy to see this headline, as this is the sort of thing I wish Christians were known for. When people, such as students at Penn State Berks, hear “Christian”, many words […]

Resources to Learn About And Act Against Human Trafficking

Last evening CSF took a night off from our usual meeting to attend a Human Trafficking Awareness Month event.  As a group we visited another local college where we took part in an event called Walk in a Victim’s Shoes.  The goal of this event is to help participants get a bit of a feel […]

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  This comes with a Presidential Proclamation as well as dozens of news articles and events to take part in.  Ever since I first learned about the reality of modern-day slavery a few years back, it seems that more and more people are talking about it.  Awareness has been growing, though […]

Collecting Interest on Loans, Sinful?

I had read it before, but for some reason it struck me this time: “If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not be like  a moneylender; charge him no interest” – Exodus 22:25 There it is, a clear Bible passage that says God’s people ought not collect […]

The Silence is Broken, Now What Do We Do?

I want to do all I can to work for justice in the world. On this blog, I’ve written frequently about the evil of human trafficking.  It is an evil I never heard about growing up.  Over the past years more and more people have become aware of it, which is a good thing.  Ending […]

Another Book that Broke My Heart: Girls Like Us by Rachel Loyd

Rachel Loyd’s fantastic book, Girls Like Us, interweaves her story as a survivor of sexual abuse with stories of girls she works with in New York City through her organization GEMS (Girls Education and Mentoring Services).  What is happening to girls in our world right now is heart-breaking and I am thankful for those like […]

Real Men Don’t Buy Girls.

Estimates are that between 100,000 and 300,000 girls are enslaved and sold for sex in the United States every year.  Millions more are sold for sex worldwide.   Those who sell them make billions of dollars.  The average age for entry into prostitution is twelve years old.  This means that even most women who are […]