Why Does Turning a Camera on Make Abuse Legal?

A few weeks ago woman was arrested in my town when detectives raided a massage parlor.  The woman arrested was charged with prostitution, selling sex. The story was passed on to my from a friend who knows I volunteer with a local group that seeks to raise awareness of human trafficking, as well as to becomeContinue reading “Why Does Turning a Camera on Make Abuse Legal?”

But Complaining About Pointless Stuff is Our Thing!

In my home county of Lancaster, PA an atheist has filed a complaint over a restaurant’s Sunday promotion.  The restaurant’s crime: in order to drum up business on Sundays they offered a discount coupon to anyone who presented a bulletin from a church. Oh the horror! John Wolff, who is an atheist, filed the complaintContinue reading “But Complaining About Pointless Stuff is Our Thing!”

The Supreme Court and Campus Ministry

Yesterday (Monday) the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that a Christian club at a California law school cannot close its leadership to certain students, specifically homosexuals/lesbians.  To read about this, check out Christianity Today and Inside Higher Education.  What strikes me most is that this issue is not over, as Justice Ginsberg said that lower courtsContinue reading “The Supreme Court and Campus Ministry”