#2 – The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien (My 100 Favorite Books)

What is there to say about these books that has not already been said?  I suppose everyone who loves this story has their own personal story of how they discovered them.  My story is actually rather regretful.  I think it was 5th or 6th grade when I first picked up the Hobbit and I gaveContinue reading “#2 – The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien (My 100 Favorite Books)”

Feeding My Tolkien Obsession with Two Books

One night my wife looked over at me sitting on the couch and asked, “are you seriously reading that book?”  The book was the Letters of JRR Tolkien.  She could not understand why anyone would want to read hundreds of pages of someone’s personal letters.  Admittedly, it is rather odd.  This book is certainly notContinue reading “Feeding My Tolkien Obsession with Two Books”

Eucatastrophe and Game of Thrones

I read Game of Thrones back before it was cool.  Back then when people saw you reading a 1000 page tome with pictures of dragons and swords on the front, they probably thought you were just a nerd.  Now its hip and mainstream.  I’ve watched the first three seasons of the TV show and amContinue reading “Eucatastrophe and Game of Thrones”

Children of Hurin – Review

Children of Hurin has been on my list for a long time and I finally got around to it. I am glad I did as it is an engaging, exciting and heart-breaking story. It is a welcomed return to Tolkien’s Middle Earth for fans of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion. AsContinue reading “Children of Hurin – Review”

Advent – Attack of the Dragon…umm, not Smaug (Day 19)

I saw The Hobbit last Friday night with some of my students.  Going in I had mixed feelings – my high hopes were tempered by reminders of previous movies that did not meet the hype.  I have to say, I loved nearly every bit of the movie.  Sure there was the totally unnecessary cameo byContinue reading “Advent – Attack of the Dragon…umm, not Smaug (Day 19)”

The Hobbit vs. Les Miserables

Christmas is going to be fantastic as two film adaptations of great stories are set to hit theaters. First, The Hobbit. Second, Les Miserables. I am torn over which one I am looking forward to more.  For both films, I have loved what has come before.  In terms of The Hobbit, I love both Tolkien’sContinue reading “The Hobbit vs. Les Miserables”