A Year of Biblical Womanhood (Review)

It is always fun to review what appears to be a controversial book.  Though I am not sure why exactly A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans is so controversial.  In the “evangelical Christian” world there are a diversity of views on gender roles.  Some, called complementarians,  see women as called to submit toContinue reading “A Year of Biblical Womanhood (Review)”

Why Does Turning a Camera on Make Abuse Legal?

A few weeks ago woman was arrested in my town when detectives raided a massage parlor.  The woman arrested was charged with prostitution, selling sex. The story was passed on to my from a friend who knows I volunteer with a local group that seeks to raise awareness of human trafficking, as well as to becomeContinue reading “Why Does Turning a Camera on Make Abuse Legal?”

Porn is Everywhere and it is a Gateway Drug

I absolutely cherish my 15 month old daughter Junia.  She has become my obsession.  As I play with her during the day or pray with her before bedtime I often find myself imagining what kind of person she will be when she is older. Maybe she’ll be a teacher.  Or perhaps she’ll want to beContinue reading “Porn is Everywhere and it is a Gateway Drug”