Everyday Faith – God and Entertainment (CSF Weekly Word)

It is so easy for us to divide our lives between the sacred and the secular.  We go to church on Sundays and CSF during the week.  But when we do all the other things that fill our lives – watch movies, study, work, hang out with friends – it is sometimes hard to seeContinue reading “Everyday Faith – God and Entertainment (CSF Weekly Word)”

The Hobbit vs. Les Miserables

Christmas is going to be fantastic as two film adaptations of great stories are set to hit theaters. First, The Hobbit. Second, Les Miserables. I am torn over which one I am looking forward to more.  For both films, I have loved what has come before.  In terms of The Hobbit, I love both Tolkien’sContinue reading “The Hobbit vs. Les Miserables”