Everyday Faith – God and Entertainment (CSF Weekly Word)

It is so easy for us to divide our lives between the sacred and the secular.  We go to church on Sundays and CSF during the week.  But when we do all the other things that fill our lives – watch movies, study, work, hang out with friends – it is sometimes hard to seeContinue reading “Everyday Faith – God and Entertainment (CSF Weekly Word)”

Dude, You Got Daddy Skills

My neighbor posted this video on her Facebook.  It is absolutely hilarious!  Share it with any dad you know. My favorite is that there were so many moments that I could completely relate to: stressing that people are going to know I’m the one who dressed her, the spare crocs when you go out, theContinue reading “Dude, You Got Daddy Skills”

Is the Church Overprotective? Young Adults Who Wander (You Lost Me 6)

A few years back I was talking to someone about what I do as a campus minister and I made a comment along the lines of how I don’t really listen to Christian music.  The person was kind of surprised, thinking I listened to such holy music so I could recommend it to my students.Continue reading “Is the Church Overprotective? Young Adults Who Wander (You Lost Me 6)”

Babies, Music and a Dilemma

Having a baby causes you to rethink things you used to think were irrelevant.  I imagine all parents find themselves being confronted with words and actions they always have done without a second thought which now seem questionable with a child in the house. Right now, I am thinking about the music we listen to.Continue reading “Babies, Music and a Dilemma”