#44 – The Myth of a Christian Nation by Greg Boyd (My 100 Favorite Books)

Yesterday I wrote about how my New Testament professor, Bob Lowery, changed my life in a class on the book of Revelation.  Part of this change was in challenging the view I was always taught that America is blessed by God.  Growing up, being a Christian and an American went hand in hand.  If you […]

Psalm 20 – Where’s Your Trust? (Weekly Word)

“Daddy, what is faith?” I forget exactly what we were talking about when Junia asked me this question.  Sometimes when I ask her to do something that appears risky, she hesitates, to which I say “Junia, have faith in me!”  She has never been comfortable in the water, so we are working on that this […]

Patriotism and Martyrdom (Listening to the Saints)

Memorial Day was a couple weeks ago and it seems that every national holiday leads me through a series of the same thoughts.  On one hand, I think Christians are too nationalistic, even too patriotic.  Why do we celebrate national holidays such as Memorial Day, remembering soldiers who gave their lives, but rarely celebrate Christian […]

Between Babel and the Beast (Review)

Over the years I have moved in an Anabaptist direction in my thinking on ethics and the relationship of a Christian to the government. Like many, this was greatly influenced by the works of John Howard Yoder (though having a wife who worked at a Mennonite school and spending time with many people there certainly […]