Why I Chose to Give Up Twitter and Save My Soul

Most days my mornings beginning roughly the same: I get up, make the kids their breakfast and then sit down to drink my coffee while reading the news.  My interaction with the news is not through a physical paper but is filtered through the News and Twitter apps on my phone.  Because of this, my […]

Alcohol and Assault

Yesterday I came across this article by Emily Yoffe on Slate – “College Women: Stop Getting Drunk.”  Yoffe writes on how drunk women on college campuses are much more susceptible to male, often sober, sexual predators.  She is clear that she is not blaming women, assault is the man’s fault.  But choosing not to get […]

How My Daughter’s Fall On Her Head Made Me Think About the Gun Debate

On Sunday Junia was playing in the yard.  Emily was right there with her, keeping an eye on her, playing with her.  Nevertheless, Junia tripped when she was running and fell onto a rock.  She had to go to the emergency room to get the large cut on her head (any cut on your two […]

Books, Parenting, Vaccines and Some Politics (Recent Reads)

What Kind of Book Reader Are You? Do you start a book, read it straight through, then move on to another?  Do you just have books around because you like how they look, but you don’t really read them?  Do you only read at bed-time?    Do you hate to read?  This fun article helps […]

But Complaining About Pointless Stuff is Our Thing!

In my home county of Lancaster, PA an atheist has filed a complaint over a restaurant’s Sunday promotion.  The restaurant’s crime: in order to drum up business on Sundays they offered a discount coupon to anyone who presented a bulletin from a church. Oh the horror! John Wolff, who is an atheist, filed the complaint […]

Will my daughter ever hold a textbook?

Junia turned 5 months old today.  She’ll be heading to school in five years or so.   Amazon also released their Kindle Fire today.  Along with this, the price of the original Kindle is now $79, a little more than half of what I paid for one back in January.  As someone who thoroughly enjoys […]

Recent Reads

This semester our theme for Thursday nights is “God Questions?”  We are looking at questions people on campus have about God, religion, the Bible and so on.  Last night we discussed the Bible and slavery.  Modern-day slavery, human trafficking, is an issue that more and more Christians are learning about and taking steps to end. […]

Recent Reads – College Mindset List!

Each year Beloit College releases a “mindset list”.  The goal is to provide “a look at the cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students entering college this fall”. I love reading this list each year as it provides a window into the world incoming freshman have grown up in.  Some of my favorites from […]